• How did VONCAP engage with you to understand the services provided?

We first identified VONCAP as a service which may be able to support our participants at a jobs fair held at the job centre in Bournemouth. They were promoting a 3 day employability course. 

  • VONCAP’s approach to integrate you into the supply chain/ create a process

VONCAP has always been efficient and proactive in communications.

  • How does VONCAP continue to engage and maintain the relationship?

Regular communication by email and phone. We have been updated on VONCAP’S plans through COVID.

  • How do the services we provide complement each other and serve the wider community?

VONCAP specialises in supporting individuals to get back to work, specifically the over 50’s. This compliments the BBO offering by offering a specialist bespoke provision which works towards one of our project results, employment.

  • Your experience of working with VONCAP

Nigel and Juliet have always been committed, open, friendly and professional. Their courses have had excellent feedback.

  • Any good practice you have seen

Despite the disruption with COVID, VONCAP committed to, and delivered an employability course. This course was originally supposed to be F2F, but was changed to remote delivery last minute.

Testimonial 13/7/20

Thank you so very much for sending CV. With reference to my little panic stations last week, the pharmacy that wanted me to reapply for position with them, nothing has come of it. But my positive head says perhaps am being too premature. There’s still time. I have studied your version and agree it is a lot better. More professional, and succinct, to the point. Have tweaked it a little bit, so it sounds more like me than you. Otherwise when and if successful, I could be accused of misrepresentation. Said with tongue in cheek. Thank you for your time and trouble, you are a wonderful person. Am so pleased to have met you. You touched all our lives like a visiting angel with dynamic effect, appropriately for the time of year I will never forget you. You should be available on the NHS !+! Thanks again Hope all is well with you both, and family.

First, some feedback on last week: thank you very much for your professional approach and useful few days in Coventry. As I said when I left, I wasn’t sure what I could benefit from the event – however, from the state of my CV I think it’s obvious that this may be a game-changer for me. I don’t have any criticism of the course – you must be able to manage a diverse group of candidates with different backgrounds and varying experience of the job-seeking world. I think you juggled that challenge admirably and with lots of positivity and enthusiasm

Hi Juliet, Thanks for your time and advice last week. Really enjoyed it. Regards, Nick.

Hi Nigel. I am writing to express my thanks to you and your Von Cap Training. It was all due to your guidance and support through attending your courses that enabled me to develop interview skills and further enhance my existing skills which developed my confidence in applying for jobs. This enabled me to secure a part-time job at Paignton Zoo and now a full time job delivering car parts. Thanks again, Kind regards, Paul

I genuinely enjoyed the experience. The key of course, is the tone of these courses and in this instance, I thought it was the right one that you set. The other hidden ingredient is the participants and it really helped that they all so enthusiastically embraced this. To change from theory to practical scenarios to, dare I say it, therapy sessions actually worked very well. If I took one message from the three days, it was this; Throw any inhibitions and blockers out the window. Recognize that I control what happens and how it happens step by step through the process. As Ricky said so well, be honest with yourself first. Everything after that is just, well, easier if you do this.

This week I feel honoured that I have crossed path with wonderful people in my journey. Thank you Thank you for today – useful and fun!

Another great day – thank you.

Thanks so much for the course. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I have got some new tips and some new avenues to try over the coming weeks.

I’ve just applied for a job on the CQC website. The deadline was today so I just decided to go for it, something I wouldn’t have done without your encouragement

Thank you for sending over my updated CV. Certainly clearer, more concise and streamlined

Thanks for your invaluable help

Hi Juliet.
Many thanks for the new cv. It looks brilliant.

I found the individual redundancy counselling session with Juliet to be very beneficial. She asked me some quick-fire competency questions and I really feel that this practice helped me perform better at interview and secure my new job role two days after the course! She gave useful information on where else to look for jobs and gave direct feedback on where I could improve. It was useful to know that I was underselling myself and she highlighted my skills set to me. Whilst we do this all the time for customers, it is a very different matter when we have to do it for ourselves and Juliet gave me the motivation to aim higher! I believe Juliet’s skill is to tailor her sessions to suit the person. In a short period of time she gave me exactly what I needed and showed intuition and complete honesty. I would definitely recommend her services!

As you know my appointment with Juliet was slightly different but what I will say is that she is very intuitive and saw in me my struggle before I even knew that I was struggling. She was very understanding and supportive and I am looking forward to working with her in the future when I am in a better place.

Had a very positive session with Juliet, been made redundant and she helped with improving my CV and brilliant tips for a successful interview. Thank you, Juliet, – One very happy customer

Guy Squibb: I would like to give you some feedback on Juliet who kindly gave some of us very valuable information on her recent visit to Prospects Taunton. I found Juliet to be very professional, very well informed on the current labour market across the UK and most importantly straight talking with the ability to pose some interesting thought-provoking questions in regards to potential interviews. A well-run session for me which I found interesting and valuable.

Juliet gave me an insight into what I needed to know for a more professional target driven CV and interview techniques plus a plan to leave with interviewers which I would never have thought of. She definitely was able to make me look at things differently, very useful meeting. Thank you.