NEW – Certificate in the Principles of the Mental Health Worker



Unit 1:  Mental Health and Mental Health Issues

Section 1: The concept of mental health

Section 2: Common types of mental health problems and illnesses

Section 3: The legislation and guidance that applies to those with mental health problems

Unit 2: Principles of the Mental Health Care Worker

Section 1: The different roles and responsibilities for working in mental health

Section 2: How continuous professional development improves own practice

Section 3: How own well-being improves practice

Section 4:  The Mental Capacity Act 2005 when Working in Mental Health Care

Unit 3: Approaches to Care and Management in Mental Health

Section 1: The key features of the care planning process

Section 2: Aspects of good practice in the care planning process

Unit 4: Understand Duty of Care in Adult Health and Social Care

Section 1: What is meant by “duty of care”

Section 2: Dilemmas and conflicts relating to duty of care

Section 3: How to recognise and report unsafe practices

Section 4: The impact of own actions on individuals and others

Section 5: The importance of consent in health and social care practice

Unit 5: Understanding Change and Support in Relation to Mental Health

Section 1: How mental health change occurs

Section 2: The role of others in the individual’s mental health change

Section 3: The treatment options available to manage mental health problems

Section 4: How to access information to support understanding of mental health issues 


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