NEW – Certificate in Event Planning

This qualification will introduce you to the skills that are required to plan, organise and evaluate events by developing their knowledge and understanding. Areas covered include marketing methods and resources, market research, human resources, communication and customer service relevant to events.



Course Content


Unit 1: Planning an event

Section 1: The extent of the events industry

Section 2: The scope of the event planner role

Section 3: Planning an event

Section 4: Planning for contingencies

Section 5: The need for health, safety and security measures


Unit 2: Reviewing and evaluating an event

Section 1: The importance of review and evaluation

Section 2: The sources of information available for evaluating an event

Section 3: The range of tools available for event evaluation

Section 4: Planning the evaluation of an event


Unit 3: Marketing and market research for event planning

Section 1: Understand why market research is important

Section 2: The methods and resources available for marketing

Section 3: Planning the marketing of an event


Unit 4: Planning human resources for events

Section 1: Understand how an event is managed

Section 2: Understand the team which contribute to an event

Section 3: Understand the human resource requirements for an event


Unit 5: Communication and customer service for events

Section 1: Understand the importance of communication at events

Section 2: Understand equality and diversity in relation to events

Section 3: Understand why customer service is important at an event

Section 4: Produce guidance on expected standards of customer service for staff use




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