NEW – Certificate in Digital Marketing

The purpose of this qualification is to help learners develop their knowledge of digital marketing. Successfully completing it will allow learners to understand what digital marketing is, why it is important and how it can impact on business growth.

This qualification is designed for learners who want to develop their knowledge of digital marketing, those who are seeking employment within marketing, business or media, and those who are already working within those sectors and wish to broaden their knowledge.

Digital Marketing for business:

Understand the role of digital marketing in business. 

Understand how digital promotion is achieved. 

Be able to produce a plan to promote a business through digital channels. 

Know how to use online presence to raise funds and cut costs. 


Digital Marketing review:

Understand the role of review in digital marketing. 

Know how to review the effectiveness of digital marketing. 

Know how to use outcomes of digital marketing effectiveness reviews. 


Email as a promotional tool for business:

Understand how email campaigns can help businesses reach and engage their audience. 

Be able to plan an email campaign. 

Understand the role of data protection regulations when implementing email campaigns. 


Social Media for business:

Understand the range of social media platforms available for use by businesses. 

Know how to use social media platforms to engage an audience. 

Understand the role of social media in building brand reputation. 


Understanding search engine optimisation for business:

Understand the principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Know how Search Engine Optimisation benefits businesses. 

Know how to use Search Engine Optimisation to benefit a business. 



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