Certificate in Common Health Conditions

Section 1: Understand how to contribute to monitoring the health of individuals affected by health conditions

Discover how to accurately monitor the health of individuals living with an existing condition, studying patient observation, recording information pertaining to the patient and reporting this information to the relevant parties. Develop a knowledge of the responses required should there be changes to an individual’s condition.

Section 2: Understand cardiovascular disease

Gain an understanding of the cardiovascular system and the different forms of cardiovascular disease including their signs, symptoms, causes and risk factors. Explore the effects such a condition has on a patient’s daily life, as well as the treatment and management options available.

Section 3: Stroke awareness

Learn about the different types of stroke and their warning signs, symptoms and eventual effect on the individual. Develop knowledge of the swift response required in the event of an emergency and the wide range of support that is available following a stroke.

Section 4: Arthritis awareness

Develop an understanding of the different types of arthritis, their causes, signs and symptoms. Look into how to best treat the condition in order to allow those affected the ability to enjoy their day-to-day life.

Section 5: Understand physical disability

How to provide support to individuals with physical disabilities, help them to effectively manage their disability and their ability to maintain their independence.

Section 6: Parkinson’s disease awareness

Discover how Parkinson’s develops and its underlying causes. Outline the treatment options, support services and strategies available for those managing the condition.



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