Dog Walking

Professional Dog Walking Course

Earn a good income doing what you love! Take the opportunity to work with dogs either full time or part time, with flexibility to suit you. We train you how to set up your own business and give you all the tools you need to get started in this expanding industry.

Course overview

This course gives you the knowledge, skills, and guidance needed to start up your own dog walking business. 

The course is held on a digital delivery platform for the first set of 10 modules, then progresses once completed to 1 session delivered by Zoom or Google Meet. This is arranged with students once they have completed the digital course delivery section of the course. This gives perfect opportunity to become self-employed if you love dogs.

The student will be given access to leads and customers where they can launch their business, as well as being given access to other resources, where they can further develop their skills and move into dog training if desired. 

They will also have the opportunity to further complete a Digital Marketing course for business promotion and social media marketing skills.

They also will be given access to an application which allows them to manage their whole new business at no cost, unless they choose to use the pro version of the app (otherwise at the time of publishing this software is 100% for the standard version).

The live Zoom/Google Meet session will give you the opportunity to ask questions and get advice about the options to make this happen for you.

This course will give you a solid foundation, but be aware this does require commitment for you, to bring this into life, this is not a passive opportunity.

Cost of course: £350 per person

Modules Included

Module 1 –   Introduction to Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Module 2 –   Developing Your Busess Ideas

Module 3 –   Attracting Customers and Building Reputations

Module 4 –   Promoting Your Pet Sitting Business

Module 5 –   Gaining Customers

Module 6 –   Understanding Client Needs

Module 7 –   Pet Sitting Skills and Competencies

Module 8 –   Managing a Pet Sitting Business

Module 9 –   Responsibilities and Legal Requirements

Module 10 – Strategic Planning and Management

Module 11 – Free Management Software (Live Demo)


Entry requirements:

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