About Us

What we do

We are a training organisation and broker.

We work with Job Centres and colleges across the UK. We focus on getting different groups of job seekers back into work. We are not just about CV’s and interviews, our training includes overcoming barriers, mindsets and wellbeing. 

Voncap Ltd was established in 2017. It was the brainchild of one of the Directors at Age UK, Juliet Trapp. During her time at Age UK, Juliet identified a significant gap in the UK recruitment market place – to support recruitment of 45 and over age group. In particular, assisting in returning to work post redundancy, a change in health needs, taking on care duties for relatives or any alteration in personal circumstances. The employment rates for age 50-64 is 13% lower than those aged 35-49 (Gov.uk).


Since Covid, older workers are the most likely to have become economically inactive (House of Commons, 2021), with only a third of self-employed people over the age of 54 still working. One in five people reporting that they could not carry on work as usual because of pandemic related issues (Institute for Fiscal Studies, 2020).
One third of the UK employment market is currently aged over 50 (Centre for Better Ageing, 2020). Companies across England can no longer discriminate against older people. There is a need to increase recruitment of skilled, experienced personnel, who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a very tough employment and recruitment situation. Many people over the age of 45, find that they need upskilling and help to move forward and make career adjustments.

We facilitate learning for the prospective Employees and guide Companies to achieve the highest standard through their people.

We focus on technology, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), wellbeing, and advertising to reach the key audience when looking for work. The issue is one of technology, Applicant Tracking Systems, (ATS) and the need for a unique CV that is non-Bias and one that can navigate these systems with ease. We help with reprogramming the mindset and overcoming the perceived barriers to regain self-respect and employment.
With the increasing skills shortage across the UK, a large number of companies are reliant on recruitment agencies for both lower level roles and senior roles. The skills are there but due to the employers need to utilise intuitive recruitment systems in house, they are missing those who are just as capable of completing the role. Many people are not ‘Marketing People’ so cannot write a CV in order to sell themselves!
We started our journey in 2017 with courses for the over 45’s, since then we have grown our courses to also have one which focuses on getting professionals back to work – those who have been managers, directors, business owners, who have lost work due to a variety of reasons within the economy and elsewhere. We now work with colleges and job centres to help people achieve their goals, find work, train and grow to where they deserve to be. We also have a selection of distance learning courses available, where people can focus on a particular area they would like to move their career towards.
Contact us today for learning opportunities, employment courses, and the next step in finding both work and the mindset so achieve your individual goals.


We value honesty above all else with our partners including the JCP, Seetec-Plus and employers across the UK both public and private sector. We encourage leaners to be honest with themselves (not always easy to do), employers to be honest with the candidates and candidates to be honest with everyone.

Commitment and Duty

We commit to our partners, candidates, learners and employers. Our extensive customer service delivers on a duty of care to all our stakeholders. We believe in a mindset of growth and encourage growth and feedback wherever we can.

Shared Responsibility

We are all responsible in assisting each other and everyone is valued in the whole process of delivering our work, from learning to developing to recruitment, we take people out of their comfort zones and encourage their progression at all times – we all take on the responsibility for what that means – we work together


We are so passionate about our work, we encourage the same and develop this with all our customers, learners and candidates.
Focus on people – We aim to send no more than 3 CV’s for any role and 9 times out of 10 we have placed the individuals in a role from Data Entry to senior directors. Our passion to assist individuals back to the right role (not just any!) has meant that our success rates have been extensive. We have also had success with many leaners starting to run their own business and using us as mentors to achieve this.


Our KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)are testimonials, work placement, further learning and outcomes of all types, even sometimes people seeking counselling. We understand corporate needs and mix them with the learning needs of our potential recruits. We work to understand, not to fire bodies into the corporate cloud.